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Iapetus Rising






Man has reached Jupiter and is set to reach Saturn. Many Earthlings have taken the free ride to Mars, which is growing in populace and trade, for a new life. A World Government geology team have reached one of the inner moons of Saturn - Iapetus. Whilst there, the team falls into mishap and only one survives. The World Government reveal the existence of Extra Terrestrials. The Geologist on Iapetus observes them and fears for his survival. As the narrative continues we witness the depth of the human spirit, its resolve and tenaciousness whilst in the most dangerous of situations.




10 Tens: Ten of the Greatest World Cup No 10s

Britespot Publishing Solutions Limited, West Midlands : First published 2002

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A full-colour well-illustrated who's who of the ten greatest players to wear the Number 10 shirt in the World Cup Finals:

Pelé, Geoff Hurst, Diego Maradona, Gary Lineker, Michel Platini, Lothar Matthaus, Mario Kempes, Rivelino, Zico and Ruud Gullit.


The Two Faces of Lee Harvey Oswald : A Tale of Deception, Betrayal and Murder

Empire Publications, Manchester : First published 2003

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The Dark Side of the Moon

First published 2011




First published 2011

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S-172: Lee Harvey Oswald Links to Intelligence Agencies

Empire Publications, Manchester :

First published 2013

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